Dimash World New York welcomes Dimash

New York welcomes Dimash

John Kennedy International Airport welcomed plenty of celebrities during its existence. However, this is the first time, one of the major airports of the world, has seen such a grand welcome of the artists from the distant Kazakhstan, the son of the Great Steppe.

Fans of Dimash looked forward of welcoming their favorite singer. The fan base of Dimash is diverse – there are people of different ages and backgrounds. Many of them were holding Kazakhstan’s flag and portraits of Dimash. They showered their idol with flowers and words of support. Fans travelled long distances to see Dimash in New York, some of them have travelled almost across the world. All of them wanted to get a picture with him. Despite the jet lag, Dimash found time for each of his fan.

Let us remind you, that Dimash’s upcoming concert will take place at Barclays Center in New York on December 10th. Dimash is expected to showcase a new program the Arnau tour ENVOY. As the singer said earlier, the concert program will present the audience with contemporary interpretation of Kazakh folk art. Its no wonder that Dimash is considered to be an ambassador of Kazakh culture and music in the world.

The main theme of the show in New York is “Space and abundance of the Universe”. Certainly, there are some parts of the event that are kept confidential.

The program will also include the best moments of the summer concert in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. There will also be some new works specially written for this program. Dimash will perform songs in Kazakh, English, Russian, Chinese, French and Italian languages.

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