Dimash World “Despite being in the hospital, I came!” says American...

“Despite being in the hospital, I came!” says American fan

On the eve of Dimash’s solo concert in New York, American fan club of Dimash organized a meet up among fans from all over the world. The event gathered about 150 people. Dimash’s team performed in front of the audience, showcasing their talents and the Kazakh national instrument dombyra. The event allowed to bring out personal stories of fans from different corners of the world to the spotlight on
One of them is the story of the fan from USA Bedra Smith. “I learned about Dimash only a year ago by accident. I myself really love music. He sang the song S.O.S. The song and its special performance just touched my heart.” says Bedra. Bedra was lucky that her family supported her desire to see Dimash in concert. They presented her with a ticket to the first solo concert of Dimash in New York. However, the fan had an unfortunate diagnose just a few weeks before Dimash’s concert. “I was diagnosed with cancer just three weeks ago. I was in the hospital. But the doctors and nurses tried so hard, so that I could come here no matter what. But I’m fine, my cancer is operable, but I went through chemotherapy. Therefore, I am a little weak. But Dimash inspired me and I am here. Its a miracle!” – Says Bedra.
Let us remind you, that Dimash’s upcoming concert will take place at Barclays Center in New York on December 10th. Dimash is expected to showcase a new program the Arnau tour “ENVOY”. As the singer said earlier, the concert program will present the audience with contemporary interpretation of Kazakh folk art. Its no wonder that Dimash is considered to be the ambassador of Kazakh culture and music in the world. The main theme of the show in New York is “Space”. Some parts of the event that are kept confidential.
The program will also include the best moments of the summer concert in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. There will also be some new works specially written for this program. Dimash will perform songs in Kazakh, English, Russian, Chinese, French and Italian languages.

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