Dimash World The ocean of emotions in New York

The ocean of emotions in New York

A sold-out show of Dimash has ended in New York. The arena hall of the Barclays center was completely full. Spectators enthusiastically cheered for each performance of the artist. Each performance was a like a whole show.

The singer’s repertoire included songs in different languages. However, national motives prevailed. The audience welcomed Kazakh songs with a special warmth and sang along them with Dimash. The fact that the songs were in Kazakh language wasn’t an obstacle for them. Most fans know Dimash’s songs by heart, translate them to understand what the idol sings about, and this way learn the Kazakh language!

When the singer started singing “Daydidau”, people got up, sang along with him, some even cried.

When Dimash was a child, he dreamed that the whole world would sing “Daididau” and his dream came true! A full stadium in New York, people from all over the world sang Kazakh songs and were happy! After each performance, Dimash did not get tired of repeating: “Menin Otanym-Kazakhstan!” – “My Motherland is Kazakhstan!”.

He invited everyone to visit his Kazakhstan. A sea of ​​applause and an explosion of delight caused the kui “Adai” performed by Dimash and his musicians. Sounds of the dombra, sacred for Kazakhs, sounded under the arches of the American hall and united the hearts of people of different cultures.

When Dimash sang the song “Elim Menin” (My homeland) something unimaginable started! Unusual visual accompaniment of the song, the stylized flag of Kazakhstan and the lines about Dimash’s native land became a real anthem of the Kazakh steppe, for the Kazakh land.

Kazakhs, who are living in the US, who came to Dimash’s concert, cried, not embarrassed by their tears. Love for your homeland is always there no matter how well or where a person lives.

If it was possible to measure the degree of enthusiasm, then the temperature in the room would show the highest mark. Energy went wild, it was just the ocean of emotions!

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