Dimash World Dimash declared his love to his fans in Latvian...

Dimash declared his love to his fans in Latvian language

Dimash Kudaibergen gave his concert as part of the Arnau Tour world tour in Riga. Despite the show’s drive and furious energy, it took place in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

The artist talked to his Dears, shared funny stories from his life and told a lot of jokes. It was like a conversation with their best friend. He touched the hearts of the Dears.

Another gift to Riga fans from Kazakhstan was Kazakh dombra. Dimash’s father, public figure and musician Kanat Aitbaev accompanied all Kazakh songs of his son.

At the end of the performance, Dimash thanked the fans for such a warm welcome and incredible energy. The entire hall of the Arena Riga sang along with Dimash when he was performing in Kazakh language, creating amazing harmony.

With a smile on his face, the singer confessed his love for his Dears in Latvian language, loudly and sincerely he proclaimed: “Еs tevi mīlu!” which means “I love you!”.

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