Dears Club Dimash's fans from 21 countries performed a song in...

Dimash’s fans from 21 countries performed a song in Kazakh for his birthday

Dears Club Dimash's fans from 21 countries performed a song in Kazakh for his...

Dimash’s fans from 21 countries performed a song in Kazakh for his birthday

On May 18, the premiere of the unique musical project ‘Makhabbat Around the World’, timed to the 30th anniversary of Dimash Qudaibergen, took place. The project was organized by DiVoices choir and united Dears from all over the world.

The initiative was supported by 98 fans of Dimash from 21 countries, performing a composition in Kazakh ‘Mahabbat Ber Magan’. The arrangement and accompaniment for the piece was prepared by Olga Popova, and Olzhas Kurmanbek supplemented the musical accompaniment by playing the kobyz.

Each choir member had to learn the text of the song in Kazakh, record the audio and, after the recording was approved, send the video. The choristers and project coordinators did a tremendous amount of work over several months to create this piece.

The choir has been rehearsing since February 7, and the project has attracted Dimash fans from North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

The organizers expressed special thanks to kobyzist Olzhas Kurmanbek for his contribution to the project, as well as to Agnieszka Chlap of the Polish fan club of Dimash, who was the main initiator and leader of this large-scale project.

“We hope that everyone will enjoy the recording of the song and Dimash will be proud of his Dears,” shared the administrators of Dimash FC Poland fan club.

In response, Dimash Qudaibergen expresses huge gratitude to fans of his creativity for the support and love for his native language and culture of Kazakhstan.

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