Dimash World Fan Club Merch Guidelines

Fan Club Merch Guidelines

Dimash World Fan Club Merch Guidelines

Fan Club Merch Guidelines

Dimash is always grateful for Dears’ support and encourages Dears to make t-shirts or other merchandise advertising or supporting Dear fan clubs or groups.

Fan club merchandise should be designed so that it is obvious that it is fan club merchandise, so that it cannot be confused with official Dimash merchandise and does not compete with Dimash merchandise.

To that end, Dimash’s fan clubs are authorized to sell fan club merchandise and are hereby granted a limited, revocable license to use Dimash’s name, logo, and likeness on their merch provided it is designed so that it is obvious that it is fan club merchandise and cannot be mistaken for or compete with official Dimash merchandise.



  • Have fun and be creative with your designs.
  • Encourage people to join your clubs
  • Celebrate special events
  • Use Dimash’s name or the DQ Logo as follows:
  • Spell Qudaibergen with a Q in the Latin alphabet
  • Anywhere that Dimash’s name appears, the name or logo of the fan club must appear on the same surface.
  • The name or logo of the club must be at least 50% as large as Dimash’s name or logo
  • If the merchandise includes only an image and not Dimash’s name or logo, the fan club name or logo must be at least 20% as large as the image
  • Use Dimash’s image as follows:
  • In order to ensure that Dimash’s brand and everyone’s intellectual property rights are protected, the only images of Dimash that can be used on fan club merch must be taken from the DimashNews Gallery.
  • All images must be tasteful. No body parts other than Dimash’s face should be shown in isolation.


  • Change the font or proportions of the DQ logo
  • Make merchandise promoting Dimash’s concerts, tours, or specific songs
  • Use the same images that appear on official Dimash merch or that mimic official merch designs.
  • Use images of Dimash from Dimash’s social media, other websites, or from private collections (even your own)
  • Use any third-party content/intellectual property, ideas, logos and/or images, including but not limited to mash-ups of Dimash with other properties.

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