Editors’ Picks

“Wake up Dear”: Radio program dedicated to Dimash and Dears broadcast in Mexico

"Wake up Dear" ("Despierta Dear") is a fascinating radio program dedicated to Dimash and...

Dimash’s music videos will be broadcasted on the Turkish TV channel “TMB TV”

Starting September 14, the Turkish entertainment channel TMB TV will broadcast music videos of...

Dior’s Pearl: A beauty from China with Kazakh Roots Alla Ilchun

A fascinating appearance, a sophisticated figure, and a sharp, piercing, alluring gaze once conquered...


A new video “Qairan Elim” was released on Dimash’s channel

A new music video "Qairan Elim" ("Oh, my holy land!") has been released on...

Stories of All: Dimash Official Fan Club (DOFC)

For artists, fan clubs represent their most important and precious support that feeds their...

Krasnodar welcomes Dimahs’s voice

The tickets to Dimahs’s concert in Krasnodar were sold out.The Basket hall, which is...


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