Dimash World Kazakhstan's Cultural Rise: Dimash Performs at the New Vision...

Kazakhstan’s Cultural Rise: Dimash Performs at the New Vision Business Forum

Dimash World Kazakhstan's Cultural Rise: Dimash Performs at the New Vision Business Forum

Kazakhstan’s Cultural Rise: Dimash Performs at the New Vision Business Forum

From June 27 to 29, the large-scale New Vision: The Power of Business forum was held in Almaty under the auspices of Nobel Fest and the Young Presidents Organization Kazakhstan (YPO).

Kazakhstan's Cultural Rise: Dimash Performs at the New Vision Business Forum

Dimash Qudaibergen participated in the final part of the forum during a panel session dedicated to the cultural rise of Kazakhstan.

Greeting the forum participants, Dimash said:

“I am glad to be among the participants and guests of the New Vision forum today. I am happy that our country is peaceful and prosperous and that people from other countries are among the participants and audience today. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Kazakhstan.”

When asked about the role of a singer and artist in the modern world, Dimash replied:

“In modern society, the role of culture, poetry, and art is very important, especially our Kazakhstani art and culture. Kazakhs are a very talented people. As Abai said: ‘Әсемпаз болма әрнеге, Өнерпаз болсаң, арқалан.’ This is my creed. When I go out to the audience as a performer, I try to follow this principle, whether I perform in other countries, in front of representatives of other cultures and nations.”

“Be discerning in your path;
If you are talented, be proud
And only lay a reliable brick
In the building wall.”

Dimash asked the audience, “Do you know what the most commonly used language in the world is?”
Of course, this language is music.

Kazakhstan's Cultural Rise: Dimash Performs at the New Vision Business Forum
Dimash explained, “Music, translated from Greek, means ‘the art of the muses.’ Music is associated with sound images. It is known that due to its emotional impact, music has played social, cultural, educational, and aesthetic roles throughout human history.
Overall, music is a tool that embodies human thoughts and feelings in a sound form. This is well known. In this regard, every artist ‘armed’ with art must be responsible, creating spiritual ‘food’ for future generations beyond commercial interests. Because an artist, even indirectly, influences the younger generation.

I want to sincerely thank all the listeners from around the world who fill stadiums at my concerts. Thank you so much! We have our own concert statistics. It turned out that at one of the recent concerts, there were attendees from almost 80 countries. The fact that they gathered in one stadium is clear evidence of a beautiful global family. These feelings are indescribable.”

Dimash was asked, “What do you associate with the love of your homeland? How does it manifest in your work?”

“If I may, I will answer this question from a philosophical point of view. The well-known American and English writer, publicist, and philosopher Thomas Paine said: ‘The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren.’ Similarly, I want to emphasize that by loving my people and my homeland, I do not divide people by nationality, religion, language, or race.
Kazakhs are a wise people. I consider wisdom to be the ability to take responsibility for one’s actions, to be friendly to those around, and to build relationships.
All these are manifestations of great wisdom inherent to humans. Our ancestors defended the independence of our country and left a great cultural heritage, territory, and other riches to their descendants. We need to demonstrate to the world that we are worthy heirs of traditions, good neighborliness, and openness.

The world needs peace. I have been to many countries. People who come to my concerts are not influenced by political propaganda. Therefore, it does not matter that I am Kazakh, and they are French, American, Chinese, Serbian, or Russian. The most important thing is the exchange of spiritual values and information between people. Our consciousness must align with this level.”

In the discussion, the topic of childhood dreams was touched upon. Dimash shared that music has always been his only dream:

“I have no other dreams. From the age of five to thirty, I studied music. This year I plan to defend my doctoral dissertation. I have reached this age with certain thoughts and a lot of experience. I have always dreamed of becoming a great musician, and I want to pass on my experience to young people who want to become famous musicians. May they be better than me, may they reach greater heights than I. May my experience and achievements be their goals.”

As an illustration of the artist’s life path, a music video for the song “Өмір,” where Dimash was the author of both the music and lyrics, was shown at the forum.

Talking about his work as a producer and director, Dimash noted that when performing on various stages and participating in different competitions, he always chooses the songs and produces the pieces he performs himself:

“No matter which composer, whether from China, Russia, or Igor Krutoy, offers me a song, I always use my arrangement and only then perform it. I always have my requirements for the song I perform. I only perform when these requirements are met. The same applies to creating music videos. Of course, I trust experts and specialists, listen to them, and take their opinions into account.”

Introducing his greatest musical work, “The Story of One Sky,” Dimash shared that he had been writing it for three years and could not entrust it to anyone else, so he wrote the script and filmed the music video himself, with Alina Veripya as the director.

“I think that nations never start wars on their own. You know who starts wars and what gives rise to these conflicts. The world needs peace and tranquility. We know that peoples and cultures are different, but there are also points of contact and common values. We need to move in this direction… For our children, for our peoples, for their future, I want to use this opportunity to call on everyone for peace,” said Dimash before showing the musical film.

Revealing modern trends in Kazakh culture, Dimash demonstrated the possibility of combining elements of traditional creativity with contemporary production solutions by performing several well-known compositions from his repertoire on the stage of the Palace of the Republic.

The piece “Stranger,” in which the author’s melody by composer Igor Krutoy and the main instrumental line of the ancient Kazakh instrument kobyz played by Olzhas Qurmanbek merged harmoniously, showcased the limitless possibilities of creative solutions to the audience.

Kazakhstan's Cultural Rise: Dimash Performs at the New Vision Business Forum

Dimash presented the famous folk song “Durdaraz” stylized in the rock genre, and together with dombra players Temirlan Olzhabay and Yernat Nauryz, performed Kurmangazy’s kui “Adai” in a unique arrangement.

Kazakhstan's Cultural Rise: Dimash Performs at the New Vision Business Forum

Dimash also performed a new original song, “Smoke” in which the dombra was used in the arrangement.

Dimash’s performance resembled a small concert, featuring songs of various genres, vocal exercises with the audience, and walking through the hall during the song “Weekend.”

Kazakhstan's Cultural Rise: Dimash Performs at the New Vision Business Forum

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