Dimash World 'When I've Got You': Dimash presents new music video

‘When I’ve Got You’: Dimash presents new music video

Dimash World 'When I've Got You': Dimash presents new music video

‘When I’ve Got You’: Dimash presents new music video

On February 26 in Istanbul, Dimash Qudaibergen presented a music video for a new work “When I’ve got you”. The premiere took place as part of a press conference held by the artist in connection with his upcoming solo concert in Turkiye.

The main idea of the clip belongs to Dimash and the MV’s director Galym Asylov: “A world-famous artist, who leads a very private lifestyle, decided to give his first open interview. The young journalist chosen by him goes to the meeting in great excitement, immensely worried and tormented by the question: “What if?…”. The woman’s vivid imagination suggests a mysterious image of the main character and plunges her into a mystical story.

'When I've Got You': Dimash presents new music video

“Everyone knows that Dimash is a kind and simple person. Not much is known about his personal life, he does not often appear in the media space and does not give particularly personal interviews. We wanted to present the artist from a slightly different side, in a “book”, fictionalized image”, – shared the director.

Galym Assylov and Zhanibek Gusmanov – the second director of the project and line producer say that the shooting process was very interesting, it took place in Almaty. A creative team of more than 70 people worked on the clip with the involvement of specialists from China. It was there that the costume of the main character was sewn and together with Kazakhstan specialists created the whole image of the artist.

The casting was not simple enough: many actresses and models were tried for the role of the main character and other characters. Three locations were used in the clip, and the search for ancient culture was not an easy task. In a creative atmosphere, a large international team tried to create a mysterious story in every element of the interior, in every detail of the costume, in every frame.

'When I've Got You': Dimash presents new music video

The composition itself was written by Dimash. The author of the lyrics was Candice Kelly. The co-writer of the lyrics, co-producer, orchestrator and arranger was Dmytro Gordon.

“Working with Dimash is a dream for many, and I felt extremely honored and privileged that he has entrusted me to work on this song with him. It felt like a great responsibility, as “When I’ve Got You” was a step into a new direction for Dimash as an artist, and it was also something different for his core audience. Dimash told me that for some time, he wanted a track on the verge of blues, jazz, rock, and r&b, and my suggestion was to make it sound fresh and edgy – something raw but beautiful, something truly unexpected. That has resulted in a blend of some heavy drums, electric guitars and piano together with the orchestra, synthesizers, harmonica, and even a choir. We wanted the song to sound groovy, cinematic, epic, and bold. No holding back!,” shared Dmytro Gordon.

Watch the new music video “WHEN I’VE GOT YOU” on Dimash’s official channel. Share your feedback in the comments. The viewer whose comment will be in the TOP for 10 days will get a special prize – two tickets to Dimash’s solo concert in Istanbul on May 24, 2024, including accommodation and flight.

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