Dimash World In Moscow, Dimash Kudaibergen's concert was a complete furore

In Moscow, Dimash Kudaibergen’s concert was a complete furore

The famous Megasport Arena, with a capacity of more than 14 thousand seats, was charged with tremendous energy, from which adrenaline took over the body. Emotions took your breath away , and it seems that this concert will be remembered by the fans who attended Dimash’s performance today for a long time

The cosmic connection between the fans and the artist, which was at the heart of the world “Arnau Tour”,  today was felt like never before. Dimash mentioned more than once that his each performance is dedicated exclusively to his beloved Dears.

Through his voice, the singer is trying to convey to the fans all the facets of his inner world, and through the energy he receives back from the fans at concerts and their burning eyes, he can learn more about them.

After a short pause, Dimash addressed the audience with the words “A true Kazakh is not a Kazakh himself, a real Kazakh is a dombra!” Kazakh kui played by Dimash caused a sea of applause and an explosion of delight. At concerts, he never parts with dombra, thereby demonstrating a love for his traditions, people and homeland.

At the Arnau Tour, professional dancers from the legendary ballet TODES always perform with Dimash, giving each performancetheir own unique incredible charm.

A special guest of today’s concert was the Russian musician and composer Igor Krutoy. “I am grateful to fate for the opportunity to work with a brilliant and talented composer. Now all over the world it is hard to meet a person who also lives music, wakes up and falls asleep with it. And the most important thing is that this person, despite the success he has achieved, remains a down to earth person. I know such a person, and really love and respect him. Here he is: People’s Artist of Russia Igor Krutoy, ”Dimash announced, and sang several songs that were written by the maestro.

Igor Krutoy accompanied on the piano, he also dedicated the song “My Friend” to Dimash.

Each performance by Dimash within the framework of the “Arnau Tour” is like a separate universe, with its own unique storyline and deep history. The singer emphasized that in the modern world a lot of painful things are happening, such as hunger, natural disasters, air pollution and wars.

During  the performance of a heartfelt song “S.O.S”, heartbreaking shots, which reflected all the above problems, served as visual accompaniment.

Under the breathtaking musical accompaniment, these shots made the heart beat with pain. Through his songs, with his voice, Dimash tried to convey that there was no place in our world for such tragic nightmares as war. And that it brings nothing but pain and destruction.

The moment when voices of the Dears, sang along with Dimash the song “Mahabbat ber managan”, merging into one tremendous harmony, was very touching. The fanswere all from different countries, speaking different languages, but today at the arena they were united by music. And as we know, music has no language or geographical barriers.

At the end of the three-hour concert, Dimash Kudaibergen traditionally thanked all the guests, his parents and his musicians.

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