Dears Club Art from the soul as a gift

Art from the soul as a gift

Dears Club Art from the soul as a gift

Art from the soul as a gift

Not quite usual charity action of Dimash’s fans is taking place in the capital of Armenia these days: the students of creative educational institutions of Yerevan get tickets to the concert of the Stranger artist as a gift.

Art from the soul as a gift

What’s so unusual about it, you might ask? Because it is held by fans of the singer from many countries of the world on their own initiative. The goal of this action is to acquaint talented young people of the host country with the unique artist and to motivate them to work on themselves.

In his interviews, Dimash repeatedly spoke about the importance of preserving the identity of peoples, despite globalization. Thus, in 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, Dimash recorded a video message for the “Ana Tili” project, in which he once again emphasized the theme of popularizing the culture of his homeland: “… For the sake of tomorrow’s younger generation and for all of us, Kazakhs, this is the main task – to popularize and proudly acquaint the whole world with our culture, language, songs.”

“Every song I sing, every concert, every award is an expression of gratitude to my people, my listeners from all over the world,” says Dimash. His repertoire includes songs in seven languages – Kazakh, English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese. The audience at the singer’s concerts is also multinational.

The intercultural cooperation between the two friendly countries of Armenia and Kazakhstan is taking practical form these days. The singer’s fans, whom Dimash calls Dears, are creative people living in more than 180 countries, trying not to miss his favorite artist’s concerts, appreciating not only his talent but also his human qualities. They are engaged in the popularization of the singer’s work and his views on the peaceful coexistence of peoples around the world.

Members of the Dimash Dears Aid Organization (DDAO) said that they, together with representatives of three educational institutions, namely the Yerevan State Komitas Conservatory, the Yerevan State Academy of Arts of Armenia, and the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinematography, are not only engaged in distributing the tickets purchased by Dears for the creative youth of Yerevan. The main goal of their efforts is, first of all, to present the cultural peculiarities, values and traditions of the peoples of these two countries: the homeland of the singer – Kazakhstan, and the country where he is visiting with his concert – Armenia.

“As a musician I try to implement unifying approaches and ideas in my work. For example, working in the crossover genre, combining different musical styles and techniques, singing in different languages for my listeners, using the sound of national instruments characteristic of Kazakhstan and other countries of the world.” – told the singer during Anti-Racism Live 2023. The use of the Armenian national instrument, the duduk, in his compositions will certainly be a highlight of the upcoming concert.

The international initiative group of fans of the singer DDAO made efforts to ensure that on the eve of Dimash’s solo concert, Yerevan students – future vocalists, musicians, actors, directors and artists – were able to demonstrate their skills to an international audience and representatives of the Embassy of Kazakhstan, took part in a presentation just before the concert at the Karen Demirtchian Sport/Concert Complex, and also had an opportunity to make interesting contacts at the pre-party (a traditional meeting of fans of the singer), which was held in the city of Yerevan. Nina Dadayan, an employee of the agency and longtime fan, shared her feelings on the eve of Dimash’s arrival:

“I am very touched that Dimash decided to come to Yerevan and give his first concert in Transcaucasia here. I’m looking forward to his performance. I would like very much to help him, so everything goes well. And of course, I’d like to show him at least a little piece of Armenia!”

Art from the soul as a gift

“Thank you for such a great chance to see an idol,” the students are excited about the gift of tickets and the opportunity to show themselves. “I’m really glad we have this opportunity. I’m looking forward to it.” “I want to thank you for the opportunity to take part in such a large-scale event,” are just some of the feedback the young people wrote after receiving the tickets.

We are confident that this world-class show, will be a clear example of cooperation, mutual understanding, love and respect for each other. After all, the desire to learn and introduce to the beautiful and good, as well as the willingness to understand, accept and appreciate the culture of other nations are goals, worthy of the efforts of so many people.


Olga Terikov, DK Media World

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