Dimash World "Sing with me and we can make it": Dimash's...

“Sing with me and we can make it”: Dimash’s new music video “Together”

Dimash World "Sing with me and we can make it": Dimash's new music video...

“Sing with me and we can make it”: Dimash’s new music video “Together”

On April 9, 2023, Dimash Qudaibergen released a new music video for the first composition work of his younger brother Abilmansur. The cosmic plot of the music video “Together”, starring Dimash, Abilmansur and Raushan Qudaibergen, tells about how important friendship and support of relatives is.

Traveling with his brother through the universe, searching for new planets suitable for life, joyful return home to Earth and suddenly… strange things begin to happen. A frozen mug, my brother’s reflection in the mirror, memories that reek of warmth… So begins the video clip “Together”.

The idea of the cosmic plot is revealed by scriptwriter Andrey Hodin:

“When I first heard Dimash’s voice, I was impressed to the core by his vocal abilities. I am sure that today he is one of the best singers in the world. The timbre of his voice takes you beyond the planet.

At the end of 2022 my good friend Galym Assylov offered to co-write the script for Dimash’s future music video. This opportunity inspired me a lot. For a few days we discussed the main concept of the music video and came to the conclusion that it would suit Dimash very well with the idea of saving the world and traveling through space to other planets. At first the idea was extremely vague, but it gained strength as we discussed it. A clear concept of blending dream and reality emerged, because Dimash’s music also balances on the edge of reality and absolute fantasy. At the same time, we wanted to keep the idea of family values in the clip, which is why the characters of the brother and sister of the main character were introduced into the script.

The script itself was rewritten several times, we wanted to achieve absolute perfection in every episode. It was necessary to introduce elements of sci-fi movies into the plot with the use of modern shooting methods and three-dimensional graphics. I want to believe that the audience of Dimash’s new music video will be able to feel every note of the song and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a fantastic future, which we tried to create in this work.”

One of the central messages of the piece, “Sing with me and we can make it together,” brings the pieces of the fantastic mosaic together into one canvas. The musician brothers worked on the song together, both in the music video and in life.

The author of the music, sixteen-year-old Abilmansur Qudaibergen says that the main theme of the melody formed as an improvisation, and then after some changes he showed the demo to his older brother, and after his approval Yerlan Bekchurin made the arrangement.

“This is the first songwriting work I’ve released. I compose songs by myself or together with my friends. The song ‘Together’ encourages people to live without conflicts, because everyone should be friendly and be together. It’s also my first music video, I really liked the shooting, it was an interesting experience, I thank Galym-aga Assylov,” said Abilmansur.

And now the spaceship is already approaching the Earth and … Abilmansur awakens Dimash from his cryosleep, in which the main character is flying over his memories of the happiest moments of his life with his family. After all, it is thanks to them that the desire to conquer new planets is endless and one wants to fly only forward.


DimashAli Director – Kanat Aitbayev
Music – Abilmansur Qudaibergen
Lyrics – Dmitry Goubnitskiy
Arranger – Yerlan Bekchurin
Directed by – Galym Assylov
Script – Andrey Hodin
Project coordinator – Nurbol Basherov
DOP&COLOR – Yuriy Lewandowski
Edit – Arnur Nurmukhamet
VFX – Chingiz Eselbaev
Production: 1st AD – Arman Bekturganov
Production manager – Olzhas Kedelbaev
Administration – Diasyl Erbolat
Production Designer – Anton Yakushevskiy
Gaffer – Furhat Safarov
Costume designers – Ramilya Akhmetova
Makeup artist celebrity – Zhadra Nurbavliyeva
Focus puller – Azamat Khabibullayev
Sound designer – Andrey Hodin

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