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We know that people who reads us are real admirers and lovers of the Dimash Kudaibergen’s work. We all enjoy the voice of Dimash, but now we would like to hear from you too. We believe that among you there are people with very fascinating stories in all the aspects of life – art, tourism, history, you name it. It will be very interesting to hear about the culture of your country – traditions, customs, folk signs, holidays and so on.
For example, we gladly wrote and published the story of Dears from Turkey, who planted trees in honor of Dimash, and want to plant a whole forest and call it Dimash Forest. Everything about the story was perfect – people from Turkey, trees, Dimash! We want to collect the best stories and show the whole world the unique side of our readers, respected Dears!
Send your stories – best ones will be published on the official Dimash website in three languages.
You can send stories to the editorial email address: marked “My Beautiful Story.” Your photos, as well as photos from the place of the described events are very welcome indeed. Attention: don’t’ forget to leave your email address or phone number for feedback.
Dears, we will be waiting for you unique story!


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