Top News "I'm skating to my favorite Dimash song"

“I’m skating to my favorite Dimash song”

Top News "I'm skating to my favorite Dimash song"

“I’m skating to my favorite Dimash song”

Songs performed by Dimash Qudaibergen are regularly heard during sports competitions and performances of famous athletes around the world. Starting with Denis Ten skating his Olympic program to the song “S.O.S.”, the list of works performed by Dimash used by choreographers is constantly expanding. However, as well as the geography of the countries where the voice of the Kazakh singer sounds more and more often.

“I skate to my favorite song performed by Dimash”, – so began the acquaintance of DK Media World with a young, promising figure skater Alayna Coats from California, USA.

"I'm skating to my favorite Dimash song"

From the very first sounds of the free program, it becomes clear what song the girl has in mind: “Stranger” by composer Igor Krutoy, with lyrics by Sharon Vaughn. This song, after its premiere at New Wave in 2021, has firmly taken its place in the hearts of fans of the maestro and Dimash Qudaibergen. The sports program also includes a part of the vocalization from the work “Ave Maria”, which was written by the famous composer specially at the request of the singer.

It is always nice when works performed by compatriots are played at sporting events outside Kazakhstan, thus attracting interest in the track performers and the country.

“I’m from California and started figure skating when I was 5 years old. My coaches are Naomi and Themistocles from Lakewood, CA,” the skater says eagerly, “My dad loves Dimash. He always played his songs when he was driving in the car. And I really wanted to skate to ‘Stranger’,” explains the reason for her choice.

"I'm skating to my favorite Dimash song"

The dance was choreographed by professional skater from Holiday On Ice and, with many titles, choreographer Rohan Ward.

“I got this program in March. My choreographer said I’m a little kid, but I have a big heart. So he thinks I can skate to such big scale music,” 12-year-old Alayna states with confidence.

Dimash’s voice successfully combines with the skater’s jumps and spins on the ice, making you empathize with what is happening. Her quality glide and good jumps emphasize the competitiveness of the athlete.

“I’m still working on the details every day. I train 3 hours on the ice and 2 hours off the ice, 6 days a week,” says the skater, “and Dimash’s music only helps me!”.

"I'm skating to my favorite Dimash song"

Hard training has already yielded results: first place at the Glacier Falls Summer Classic 2023, the season-opening event at the American National Championships.

When asked about Alayna’s favorite pieces of music be Dimash, she readily tells us:

“Our first song that we’ve listened to a million times is ‘SOS.’ And, of course, there is also “Sinful Passion”, “Ikanaide” and the song I put in the figure skating program – “Stranger”.

Connoisseurs of good vocals will surely understand what Alayna Coats shared with us.

“When you listen to a Dimash song, something forms inside you that can’t help but burst out, and I’m sure all Dimash fans know what I’m talking about.”

Watching the skater’s confidently performed jumps and cascades to the mesmerizing sounds of the kobyz, we would like to wish Alayna to fulfill her certainly ambitious plans: “When I go to the Olympics, I want to invite Dimash.”

The young athlete is confidently moving forward, achieving new successes, fulfilling the tasks and goals set for today, and dreaming of future victories.

Talented sports youth, not for the first time turns to quality music, which can not but please.

Alayna plans to show her free skating program under the voice of the Kazakhstani singer throughout the season 2023-2024, fighting for the right to enter the U.S. Junior National Team, which fans of both figure skating and vocal art sincerely wish her!


Olga Terikov
DK Media World

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