Dears Club "Messi from the world of music": Dimash is written...

“Messi from the world of music”: Dimash is written about in one of the main media in Spain

Dears Club "Messi from the world of music": Dimash is written about in one...

“Messi from the world of music”: Dimash is written about in one of the main media in Spain

On 14 January under the title “Global phenomenon” an article about Dimash was published in the famous Spanish newspaper “El periodico de espana“. In the publication, the author tells about the creative path of the Kazakh performer, as well as fans of his work from Spain.

"Messi from the world of music": Dimash is written about in one of the main media in Spain

Seven fans of Dimash from the fan club DQ FC Oficial Espana gave an extended interview to the portal “El periodico de espana” (“Spanish Newspaper”), which is one of the most important media outlets in the country.

In their interview, the Dears emphasised that they have been supporting the work of the Kazakh artist since 2017, as well as actively cooperating with the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Spain.

“The more I listened him, the more I was surprised. It was a pity that I could not share my emotions with anyone, as most of the comments were in Russian and Kazakh. Suddenly one day I saw a comment in Spanish, and without thinking long enough, I started to respond to it. That’s how I met a fan of Dimash from Latin America, who told me about a newly created fan club in Spain. Since then I have been running it with Maria Jose, Esther, Carmen, Laura and Cristina. Each of them is from a different part of the country, but they all share a love for Dimash. We have started a Facebook page which currently has over 14,000 members. We want to make Dimash even more famous in Spain, so that one day he will perform a concert in our country,” says Luisa, one of the founders of the Spanish fan club.

The Spanish Dears also actively support and co-operate with the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Spain:

“We are one family and every year we have a meeting in Madrid where we record content and plan for the coming year. Our last meeting was in a hotel near Atocha and was attended by the secretary of the Embassy of Kazakhstan. We maintain a warm relationship. The embassy staff often invite us to art exhibitions and film screenings,”

Now both sides want to organise Kazakh language courses, as they are currently impossible to find in Spain. It is also not easy to find Kazakh books translated into Spanish.

"Messi from the world of music": Dimash is written about in one of the main media in Spain

The author of the publication himself, journalist Pedro Del Corral, emphasises:

“Dimash became famous thanks to the TV show I Am A Singer, which took over China in early 2017. At that time, he was already a well-known artist in his native Kazakhstan. Later, at one of his solo concerts, Dimash demonstrated a masterful interpretation of Daniel Balavoine’s SOS d’un terrien en détresse. The Kazakh artist has a range of five octaves and nine semitones, so he can easily move from baritone to soprano. Dimash’s version of the legendary SOS entered the charts and took him to Olympus, from which he has not yet descended. The artist released two albums and gave large-scale concerts in the USA, Germany, China, Russia, Dubai, Czech Republic and other countries”.

We invite you to read the full version of the publication at the following link:

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