Dimash World Dimash told about his dreams, new songs and plans

Dimash told about his dreams, new songs and plans

On February 18, a press conference with the participation of Dimash Kudaibergen, his father Kanat Aitbaev and Igor Krutoy was held in Moscow.

The meeting with journalists was dedicated to the Dimas’s upcoming Moscow concert on March 9.

At the start of the press conference, Igor Krutoy said that he has no doubt that Dimash’s concert would be a great success, recalling the singer’s previous successful performances.  Compositor wished good luck to his young friend.

Details of the concert were disclosed by Dimash himself:

“The program is called Arnau, we have already given several concerts in other countries, including the USA, now we are preparing to make an impression in Moscow”

A Kazakh singer jokingly called his concerts “exams” in which the audience cannot be deceived or cheated.

Dimash thanked Igor Krutoy – the singer noted that he had dreamed of working with a Russian producer since childhood.

Krutoy explained “Dimash’s phenomenon”.

“He has a unique voice, a unique rhythm. It’s important for him to internalize music, as he has an incredible talent”

A Kazakh singer was asked about a viral video in which Dimash’s singing, “awakened the inner swan in a fan”:

“I became a big fan of this man! I can say for sure – I can’t dance like him, it was cool!”

Dimash’s father, Kanat Aitbaev, promised that the audience will see many changes at the upcoming Dimash concert.

In addition, Dimash denied rumors about his participation in Eurovision contest once and for all:

“I have great respect for this competition, but I don’t think I need to go there. I would love to represent Russia if I was born there. But I am a citizen of Kazakhstan and a patriot of my homeland, so I won’t go”

As well as that, Dimash shared his future plans:

“Right now I want to perform in concerts, release music videos. After all the tours, of course, I want to relax with my friends. After a full schedule and concerts I will need a break. However, I’m not complaining – I realize that I won’t be able to live long without music, without creativity, without intensive work. ”

In addition to plans for the future, Dimash spoke about his dream – to release a global hit in the Kazakh language. He talked about K-pop music as an example, noting that they managed to get the whole world to sing songs in Korean.

Dimash hopes that one of his new songs will be able to produce a similar effect, since “music has no borders and nationalities.”

This topic was continued by Dimash’s father:

“Good music does not choose the language. I’m surprised by how people from different countries sing along Dimash’s songs in the Kazakh language without an accent. For example, at a concert in America there were people from 54 countries, and Americans from 44 states of the US. They all sang along with Dimash. In Russian, in Kazakh, in other languages. It was very impressive.”

Dimash paid special attention to his fans from China – the singer hopes that treatment for the deadly coronavirus will be found as soon as possible.

Finally, Dimash shared exclusive plans: the singer is preparing a new song with his “good rapper friend”, but the singer refrained from revealing his name.

Also, Kazakhstan’s talent should present another new composition to the public at a concert in Moscow. Details, too, were not disclosed.

Well, the surprise will be even more rewarding. We look forward to it!

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