“Kokhaemo Dimash!”: Ukrainian fans welcomed Dimash


Kyiv Zhulyany International Airport is filled with light from the bright smiles of Dimash Kudaibergen’s fans, who are looking forward to meeting their beloved artist.

There are flags of Kazakhstan and Ukraine, flowers and gifts in the hands of Dears, which they really want to present to the singer. Huge posters with an inscription: “After 8 years, the Daydau returned to Ukraine!” catch your eye. It is obvious that the fans were really looking forward to Dimash’s concert in Kyiv.

The airport Zhulyani greeted Dimash in the Kazakh language. The airport dispatcher announced in an impeccable Kazakh language without any hint of an accent: “Dimash Kudaibergen Kyiv Kalasyna Kosh keldіnіz!” which means “Dimash, welcome to Kyiv!”.

Also, fans gave Dimash a very symbolic gift – a ceremonial mace, which is a symbol of hetman’s power.

– Your singing and voice conquered our hearts forever and irrevocably. Let this mace serve as a symbol of the power of your creativity over our hearts, ” the fans said with a smile, handing a present to Dimash.