Dimash and Cats: how the Japanese cheer up during the quarantine


The Japanese fan club of Dimash released a series of comic pictures called Dimash and Cats on their official Instagram account.

Comparing the Kazakhstani artist in these images with charming cats, the Japanese fans wanted to cheer up all the quarantined people.

Everyone knows that laughter boosts immunity. So, we decided to make a series of comic pictures, where we compare Dimash with our favorite cats. This was done for Dears around the world who have to stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Look at these pictures, smile and have a good time! We hope your immunity will be improved a bit! – said Nao Shimizu, the main administrator of the Japanese fan club.

The history of the Dimash fan club in Japan dates back to 2017, when a Japanese girl saw a Kazakhstani artist performing at the Chinese competition “I am a Singer”. She was very impressed with the singer’s voice, so she decided to look for more information about him.

At that time very few people in Japan knew Dimash, and the girl decided to share the talent of the performer with her country. At the end of 2017, she created the DJFC fan club, actively interacting with fans around the world to collect the latest information about Dimash and share it with Japanese fans.

The fan club grew year by year, and in 2019, the fan club started its own group on Facebook, which seemed to be the most convenient platform to share news. The members of the fan club quickly became friends with each other, even became best friends, and attended foreign concerts together. The connection between Japanese fans has become really strong.

The Asia-Pacific Song Festival (ABU Song festival), which was held in Japan at the end of 2019, became an important milestone in the history of the Japanese fan club was. Dimash Kudaibergen performed at this festival representing his home country, Kazakhstan.

The festival was organized very thoroughly, in accordance with the strict rules of Japan, and was a great responsibility for the Japanese fan club. It was a new experience for the fan club members, but it helped the fans to get to know each other even better.

The performance of Dimash in Japan became a really memorable day for the fans. Feeling proud that the Kazakhstani artist performed in their country, Japanese fans confirmed their goal – to continue to acquaint their people with the talent of Dimash.

At the moment, the leader of the fan club is Sumi Uda, better known as Clara Japandear, the chief administrator is Nao Shimizu, and Mika Utsui runs the Instagram account.

The Japanese fan club is active in their social networks, organizes interesting events, challenges, flash mobs and charity events. So, recently they made a donation to the organization called “Medecins sans frontiers”, which treats people with coronavirus.

Also, the fan club has its own web-site, where they publish news about Dimash in Japanese and English. The team of the site include talented designers, artists, journalists and programmers who work smoothly as one mechanism.

The official pages of the Dimash fan club in Japan in social networks:

Official web-site