Dears, hurry up to take part in an interesting “TOKYO JAZZ+plus LIVE STREAM” flashmob!


There are very few days left until the long-awaited online concert “TOKYO JAZZ+plus LIVE STREAM”, which will be held May 23-24. Hurry up to participate in the festival flash mob!

Letʼs send your hand-written message to Dimash and the world

Please send us a photo with your hand-written message (on the following topic) by email, wishing people feel heartened by the healing power of Dimash’s singing.

【Topic】Heartening message to cheer up the world – sending together with Dimash

Photo guidelines

  • Take a photograph with you holding a sheet of paper with your hand-written message (as shown in the images from below).



  • The photo should be in a landscape format, under 2 MB (JPG), approximately 300 – 600dpi.

※ Using your smart phone should be fine. Please reduce the file size to under 2MB before sending.

How to submit your photo

  1. Send your photo to the following email address. Note: please replace the star mark ★ with @ when sending. You can also submit by scanning the QR code from below.





email: d58ce93e3a112dcf9b5b406615243134★

2. Enter your name and the name of the country you’re from in the subject line.

※ These information will not be published. Only the photo submitted will be used.

3. Leave the email body empty (we cannot respond to individual inquiries)

Sender’s address won’t be visible to us due to the system we are using. For this reason, we cannot reply to any emails. Thank you for your understanding.

4. Attach the photo to the email and send.
Please reduce the file size to under 2MB when sending.
※ If you don’t receive any delivery failure message after sending, submission should be comp

Submission Deadline

12:00 May 19, 2020 UCT/GMT
< Reference > Japan local time: until 21:00 May 19, 2020 (UCT/GMT +9)
< Reference > Kazakhstan local time: until 18:00 May 19, 2020 (UCT/GMT +6)

Terms ※ Please read carefully before submitting

We accept one photo per participant. If participant submits more than one photo, only one of them will be used.

We won’t be able to respond to any inquiries requesting deletion of the photo submitted. Please check and considering carefully before sending.

The photo submitted may be used for other purposes related to TOKYO JAZZ +plus.

When a large number of submissions are received, we will select from the photos that were submitted earlier. Please note that your photo may not be used.

We look forward to receiving entries with heartwarming and thoughtful contents. Please note that photos that were deemed irrelevant to the project may not be used. Photos with inconsiderate and ill-mannered contents are not welcomed. We won’t be able to respond to individual inquiry concerning the the status of acceptance of the submitted photo.

Where to take the photograph is up to participant, however, please choose the location carefully and act sensibly under the global epidemic situation of Covid-19. Photographing at your home is recommended.

with best regards, Tokyo JAZZ+plus festival