Batumi and Shekvetili: Two Pearls of Georgia on the Black Sea


On the eastern coast of the Black Sea, in the western part of the Caucasus, there exists a beautiful country – Georgia. Its main ethnic group is one of the most ancient indigenous peoples of the Caucasus and the world, the Kartvels, who belong to the Caucasian race, and shaped the history of the Georgian nation. 

Both polyphony and monophony are found in the art of singing in Georgia, and the forms of polyphony differ in different regions. A characteristic feature of Georgian polyphony is a special vocal technique and the use of notes close to each other. Most of the songs in Georgia are sung in three voices. In 2001, UNESCO recognized Georgian song as a masterpiece of oral material heritage. In this country, almost everyone sings and loves music. It is not surprising that Dimash’s talent was understood and appreciated here. Therefore, Georgian Dears have long been dreaming of a Dimash concert in their homeland. It will definitely be a real treat for all Dears. So, let’s start getting to know Batumi and Shekvetili.


Batumi, the second largest city in Georgia, is famous for its history, which goes back to ancient Greece. As early as the 4th century BCE, the name of the city was mentioned in the writings of Aristotle. In this regard, many historical sites have been preserved in Batumi, such as the Tamara Fortress, otherwise known as Tamaristsikhe, the temple named after Queen Tamara. Another noteworthy medieval site is the Gori Fortress.

Batumi is developing rapidly as a tourist destination, a fact which has not escaped the attention of the international tourist community. Batumi won the 2019 World Travel Awards as the fastest growing travel destination in Europe. Batumi was named the winner of the World Tourism Festival on the Madeira Island in Portugal and was awarded the so-called “Oscar” in the field of tourism.

Modern luxury hotels in Batumi such as the “Sheraton”, “Radisson”, “Colosseum” and “Hilton” are striking from afar with their original design. Here you can see tourists from the countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as from Europe and Asia.

Hotel “Colosseum”
During your stay in Georgia, you can enjoy the hospitality of the Georgian people and at the same time taste delicious Georgian dishes, including the famous Georgian khinkali (dumplings) and Georgian wine. That’s a must, since Georgia is the cradle of winemaking.
Georgian khinkali

Batumi has many attractions, including its epicenter of tourist life: the longest boulevard in the world – Seaside Park, which boasts a palm grove. Open-air cafes are filled with cheerful tourists, live music, bars, attractions, and clubs. After calm days on the beach, tourists are attracted in the evenings to its wonderful and various forms of light and music singing fountains.

Boulevard – Seaside Park

It should be noted that the Batumi Dolphinarium, built in 1975, is one of the most popular places in the city. Since the times of the USSR, the dolphinarium has been considered a visiting card of Batumi and has ensured the popularity of not only the city, but the entire region. Nothing can touch the soul so much as the gnashing of a dolphin, its clever eyes, intelligence and wisdom. You will be able to swim with dolphins, and such an experience will leave an imprint for the rest of your life, you can be sure of that.

Batumi Dolphinarium

Nine kilometers from the city, on an evergreen promontory, sits the Botanical Garden – a paradise for nature lovers, and a wonderful place for walking, both on a sunny, sultry day, and during cloudy weather.

Botanical Garden

Should you love festivals and tours, these are numerous in Adjara (the region at the most southwestern corner of Georgia). One of the most famous festivals is the Black Sea Jazz Festival, which gathers world jazz stars in Batumi every summer.

In the town of Shekvetili, 40 km from Batumi on the Black Sea coast, there is a new ultra-modern giant concert hall with a movable roof, Black Sea Arena. This marvel of architecture is one of the most modern international concert venues in Georgia.

Designed for 10,000 spectators, it has hosted concerts for world stars such as Robert Plant, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Mae, and the Scorpions. Also, during the holiday season, Georgian performers and art groups regularly perform there.

Black Sea Arena in Shekvetili
Next to the hall is the five-star Paragraph Resort hotel with an outdoor pool, tennis court and fitness center.

Hotel “Paragraph Resort”
The Dendrological Park, which belongs to the Georgian billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, was recently opened in Shekvetili. Entry to the park is free for everyone. For three years, specialists have worked to create the effect of pristine nature. A recreation area of 60 hectares, it is located in the Ozurgeti region, between Tsvermagala and Shekvetili. Experts call this place ideal because of its location. Along with a unique collection of plants, the park is home to 58 bird species from all over the world.

Dendrological park

On the outskirts of the Shekvetili resort, the country’s first miniature park was opened in August 2016. On an area of 2 hectares, miniatures of the most important Georgian architectural monuments selected by a special professional commission are displayed. Thus, even if you have not yet visited the most interesting places in the country, you can get a general impression of the main sights of Georgia and outline plans for future trips. There is a cafe on the park grounds, as well as a mini-amphitheater for public events.

Miniature park

Describing all that there is about Georgia, Batumi and Shekvetili would be a proud and interesting undertaking but would take too long. We Dears of Georgia hope that Dimash will definitely visit this country and hold a concert here, enjoying the beauty of the local views.


On behalf of the Georgian Dears, Nino Botsvadze,
Dimash Georgia Fan Club Official

Photos provided by Khatuna Kurdovanidze