Dears Club “Kindness Changes the World"

“Kindness Changes the World”

Dears Club “Kindness Changes the World"

“Kindness Changes the World”

Dimash Eurasian fan club holds a charity fundraiser to help SOS Children’s Village Astana.

In the spring of 2021, the Dimash Eurasian Fan Club launched the Act of Kindness Marathon inviting all the like-minded to participate. The event was dedicated to the Kazakh artist’s birthday.

“Kindness Changes the World

As part of the marathon, EFC decided to support SOS Children’s Village Astana fund, which was visited by Dimash in November 2020. The Village has been functioning as a part of SOS Children’s Villages of Kazakhstan national association for 20 years so far.

SOS Children’s Villages of Kazakhstan is a non-governmental social organization. It has been protecting the interests, rights and needs of children for more than 25 years. The fund’s care is centered around children who have no family, parental care or supervision, as well as children from troubled families.

After Dimash’s visit to the village, EFC reps talked to Aigul Kusainova, the sponsorship coordinator. She shared a lot of interesting details and showed unique footage of Dimash getting along with the children during his visit to the village.

“Kindness Changes the World

Thanks to the care of SOS mothers, comfortable facilities are created for children and teenagers in the village, which are as close as possible to living and growing up in a loving family. However, since the funds works through donations, children need help and support in those life situations, they find themselves in through no fault of their own.

Before Dimash’s birthday, EFC summed up the results of the campaign. Thanks to participation and invaluable support from Dears, over half a million tenge was raised for SOS Children’s Village Astana.

“Kindness Changes the World

The fund leaders were very touched by this support. In their Instagram account, they thanked the participants of the campaign for their help:

“Do you remember Dimash Qudaibergen coming to the Astana Village in November? The children were deeply impressed by the meeting, and learned a lot of new things about their idol.
It is particularly pleasant that the artist’s interest to charity is shared by his admirers. Dimash Qudaibergen Eurasian Fan Club has organized charitable fundraiser on the singer’s birthday. By combined efforts, his empathic fans have raised 550 thousand tenge. We would like to thank all the participants and organizers of the fundraiser for their care about children”.

In her appreciation letter to the head of SOS Children’s Village Astana, Zauresh Arystanova noted that the funds raised will be used to organize summer holidays for the children.

More information on how to get involved in supporting SOS Children’s Villages of Kazakhstan can be found on the organization’s website

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