Round-the-clock radio “DEARMASH FM” appears in Chile


On July 16, a new radio station “DEARMASH FM” went on the air in Chile. The Internet radio broadcasts the music of Dimash Kudaibergen around the clock, seven days a week.

Round-the-clock radio "DEARMASH FM" appears in Chile
The radio station was created with the aim of spreading the work of Dimash and the culture of his home country, both in Chile and throughout Latin America. The creator and director of the radio is Carlos Pacheco. Maria Ines Sánchez and Viviana Zúñiga helped and contributed to the development of the content.

In addition to songs, every Friday at 22:00 local time, special programs are broadcast on the radio, which tells about the creative path of Dimash and the culture of Kazakhstan:

1st and 2nd program: “The singer”
3rd program: “Dimash and Igor Krutoy”
4th and 5th programs: “Kazakhstan”.

Radio “DEARMASH FM” in social networks:

IG: dearmashfm
Facebook: RadioDearmashChile


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