Top News "You're a Hero": Baqytty Bala finalist Adel Kunadilova presented...

“You’re a Hero”: Baqytty Bala finalist Adel Kunadilova presented her first music video

Top News "You're a Hero": Baqytty Bala finalist Adel Kunadilova presented her first music...

“You’re a Hero”: Baqytty Bala finalist Adel Kunadilova presented her first music video

The winner of the first place of Baqytty Bala season III and a special prize from Dimash Adel Kunadilova presented a new bright and motivating music video “Sen Batyrsyn”.

On October 17, a music video by Adele Kunadilova titled “Sen batyrsyn” (“You are a hero”) was released on the official YouTube channel of Kazakh director and producer Bakhyt Tazhinov.

Adel Kunadilova, a young vocalist from Nur-Sultan, at the age of 12 is a participant and winner of many international and republican music competitions. From August 7 to 12, Adel participated in the III season of the Children’s open vocal competition Baqytty Bala, where she took 1st place, and also won a special prize from Dimash – a trip to the artist’s next solo concert and a performance with him on one stage.

The composition “Sen Batyrsyn” is Adel’s first song, as well as the video itself. According to the video director Bakhyt Tazhinov, who is also the author of the composition, this song was written specifically for Adel back in 2020.

In the video, the young vocalist walks through the streets of the capital, showing its unique beauty.

“I am very glad that the music video turned out to be so bright, relaxed and motivating. Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of a clip where I would walk down the street and be filmed by a camera. And now, my dream has come true. The song “Sen batyrsyn” is about the fact that you should never give up, but always go only forward. And also about the fact that we, the descendants, should never forget about our heroes,” Adele shared.

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