“I am inspired by human nature” – Ainur Turisbek, a founder of a domestic brand


A sincere love for non-trivial style decisions, a unique style that resonates with anyone whose outer and inner world exists in absolute harmony with each other. A lawyer by training, but a designer at the behest of the soul and the call of the heart. Today we bring to your attention the incredible founder and designer of the domestic brand “Ainur Turisbek”.

Ainur Turisbek’s debut as a designer took place in the homeland in fateful autumn of 2012 on the Kazakhstan Fashion Week catwalk. After the successful first step, the talented designer moves to conquer the catwalks of the “near abroad”: Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia, where she meets Paris insiders.

Mysterious Ainur and her unique style immediately attracts famous stylists and photographers, and her clothes with a character and flair instantly spread around the pages of the world press: Numero, SSAW, Elle France, Vogue Italy, L’Officiel. Now the clothes created by the designer are in great demand, both among Kazakhstani celebrities and foreign ones. At present, the brand is represented in the Forum Shopping and Entertainment Center, Samine Multi Concept Boutique, Essentai Mall Shopping Center, Kravets Boutique and Almaty Shopping and Entertainment Center, Svadba.kz Boutique.

Dimash Kudaibergen performed at some of his concerts in the clothes created by Ainur.

The creative process, as Ainur notes, is always purely individual, but a priori it all starts with an idea. One seemingly insignificant observation launches a whole mental stream, from which a chain of search, conception and visualization are formed into an image.

In her work on the collections, Ainur Turisbek is inspired primarily by the nature of a person: his/her feelings and emotions that are born inside, and the results of which are subsequently manifested on the outside.

Ainur met Dimash before his performance in China at the Singer 2017 competition. This was followed by preparations for the singer’s concert in Sochi, which took place in October 2019. At that time the brand developed the main collection for Dimash before his tour around Europe. In the cities of Russia, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Germany and Belarus, the Kazakhstani artist began his performance in the clothes made by Ainur Turisbek.

Creating images for Dimash, the brand, first of all, paid attention to the character of the artist, his worldview and state of mind so that the appearance reflected the inner values of the artist. The right selection of the fabric is especially important, since the fabric should be selected based on the need to create maximum convenience for an artist during the performance, creating comfort for him and nourishing his confidence on the stage.

“An individual approach to each piece of clothing that we strive to keep in our work helps us put our hearts and souls into what we create. In terms of the concept, we adhere to the brand line adding “our” design elements that are already familiar to the public. Ultimately, we see a mixture of something moderate and stylish in combination with something comfortable and even cosmic, which, of course, reflects the depth of Dimash’s self-expression. And the most important thing that lies in the combination is the merger of the sublime. Music and Fashion have met under the flag of Art, and so something legendary appeared where everyone is praised. Strength is in unity and friendship, in love and awe, in the soul and understanding,” – says Ainur Turisbek.