#MyDimashStory: Dears from around the world share their stories of how they discovered the works of a Kazakh singer


On May 20, administrators of Dimash fan clubs from around the world announced a creative contest under the hashtag #MyDimashStory, where fans were given the opportunity to share their memories of how they discovered the work of a Kazakh artist.

The competition was timed to coincide with Dimash’s birthday and it lasted 24 hours, from May 23 to May 24. In total, 148 people participated in the competition. Representatives of fan clubs from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, France, Spain and Malaysia reviewed beautiful and amazing stories.

The stories were written in each participating country’s own language. All stories were then translated into English to identify the winners. All fan clubs that organized the contest published the winners’ stories on their pages with translation into their language. Thus, the winners’ stories were read in many countries. Dears around the world are very friendly and always support each other, which is an ideal example of how love for one singer’s work can unite different people, overcoming borders between countries!

Following the results of the competition, 3 best stories were selected. The winners, Zani Mutiya Fatima from Indonesia, Amina Kenjetai from Kazakhstan and Hilda Wöhler from Mexico, were awarded the Dimash Qudaibergen DQ Perfume.

Winner’s stories can be found at the following links:

The story of Amina Kenjetai from Kazakhstan:

The story of Hilda Wöhler from Mexico:

The story of Zani Mutiya Fatima from Indonesia:

Translation by Ghada