66 iconic photos vs COVID-19


Famous photographers from all over the world have put up their work for a charity auction. Their goal is to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières.

66 iconic photos vs COVID-19Photo: The Pack Cattle Ranch in the heart of the Pantanal, Brazil

Whilst in the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, 17 photographers from different parts of the world decided to collect a series of prints, as well as the works of invited colleagues, in order to put them up for auction, according to The Guardian. Photographers planned to give the collected money to the fight against coronavirus.

66 iconic photos vs COVID-19Photo: Time For Peace

The initiators of the project were delighted with how many photographers supported their idea. As a result, 66 works from 42 authors were put up for the charity auction, including Ian Berry, Jason Bell, Tom Stoddart and Paul Lowe.

66 iconic photos vs COVID-19Photo: Love Your Job

All the collected money will be donated to the fund for combating COVID-19 Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). The promotion will last until November 15.

66 iconic photos vs COVID-19Photo: Wild Horses

The art of photography has been the choice for the wise investor for the past decade. It is a great honour to team up with some of the world’s greatest photographers to help the world face its biggest challenge in over a century” – James Lewis, CEO of Bamfords.