Kazakstan Pearl of the Great Silk Road in a new documentary


The production of a documentary film “Turkestan — Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” by the outstanding Kazakh director Vladimir Tyulkin is nearing completion. The picture presentation is planned at the end of 2020.

Kazakstan Pearl of the Great Silk Road in a new documentary

The project “Turkestan — Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” will tell us how dynamically one of the most ancient cities of Kazakhstan developed. Early Turkestan was once the Pearl of the Great Silk Road.

The documentary reveals the past of Kazakshan through the history of the legendary poet of antiquity Ahmad Yasawi monument excavation, whose name largely contributed to the fact that the glory of Turkestan extended not only in Central Asia, but also throughout the world.

Shooting of the two-part film began last December. During filming, the creators were assisted by archaeologists and scientists of the International Kazakh-Turkish University named after Ahmad Yasawi and representatives of large mausoleums.

In addition, employees of the city and regional department of architecture took an active part in the filming. Thanks to their contribution, the authors of the film managed to emphasize not only the cultural component of the picture, but also the social one.

The creator of “Turkestan — Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” is Vladimir Tyulkin, director, poet, screenwriter. Now the Abai TV channel, covering cultural issues, is preparing a program dedicated to this one of the most titled documentary filmmakers in the country.