“Біз біргеміз”: Jackie Chan support the Kazarh people


The legendary Hong Kong actor, stuntman, producer and screenwriter Jackie Chan recorded a video message in which he expressed support for the Kazakh in the fight against coronavirus infection.

The adviser of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerlan Karin announced this in his Instagram account. He said Jackie was deeply touched by the sincere feelings of Kazakh about his health, when the fake news that the actor allegedly had become infected with the coronavirus spread in the Chinese media.

“Some journalists and simply ordinary Kazakh wished him a speedy recovery. I informedJackie’s team about it. Then it turned out that the news werefake. But Jackie Chan was touched by the concern of Kazakh people about his health. And the other day our common friends in China contacted me and said that he too wants to support the Kazakh people in response to this difficult for everyone time. And today in the early morning I received his video message like this ”, wrote Erlan Karin.

In his video the actor supported the Kazakh and asked them to remain strong, no matter what.

“Accidents are ruthless, but they are powerless in the face of love that lives in the hearts of humans. We must help each other and we will surely win the “war” against the new virus. Be strong, China, be strong, Kazakhstan! Біз біргеміз! Hold on!”, Said Jackie Chan in his video message.