Dears Club Secret Assignment: “Mission Daididau”

Secret Assignment: “Mission Daididau”

Dears Club Secret Assignment: “Mission Daididau”

Secret Assignment: “Mission Daididau”

An impressive delegation of Kazakhstani cultural figures took part in the preparation of Dimash’s number “Daididau” at the Chinese competition “I am Singer”. Editorial staff of the Dimash Eurasian Fan Club DK Media World has begun a series of publications-memoirs of its members.

On February 21, the editors of DK Media World launched a new project called Secret Mission: Mission “Daididau”. In a series of video publications, Kazakhstani art workers who took part in the preparation of “Daididau” for the “I am Singer” competition in 2017 shared their memories of that day.

The Kazakh song “Daididau” occupies a special place in the work of Dimash Qudaibergen. He performed it for the first time in 2015 at the international festival “Slavianski Bazaar”, where he won the Grand Prix.

Dimash’s great dream was to acquaint the whole world with the culture and art of his country. He wanted the song “Daididau” to become world famous and to sound in every corner of the planet, so he decided to perform it at a Chinese competition accompanied by an ensemble of folk instruments.

A delegation of his compatriots arrived in Changsha to take part in this tour of Dimash. Among them were the teachers and the best students-musicians of the Kazakh National University of Arts.

Thus, during the preparation for “Daididau” the following people have participated as well: the Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, Dean of the Faculty of “Traditional Song” of KazNUI Maira Ilyassova, Head of the “Department of Film and Television” Talgat Taishanov, teacher of the Department of “Kobyz and Russian Folk Instruments” Sadzhana Murzalieva, Professor of the Faculty of Traditional musical art Turar Alipbaev and others.

And the author of the costume, in which Dimash performed in the 7th round of the competition and for which he received the nickname “Kazakh prince” in China, was the designer Kairolla Abishev.

The editors of DK Media World have put together the stories of the participants into a common story, which will be released in the form of series in memory of an event that is important for all fans of Dimash’s work.

Issues of the project “Secret Mission:” Mission “Daididau” can be viewed on DK Media World instagram:


Article: DK Media World

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