Dimash World Dimash Qudaibergen’s concerts

Dimash Qudaibergen’s concerts

Dimash World Dimash Qudaibergen’s concerts

Dimash Qudaibergen’s concerts

In anticipation of the borders openings and the resumption of concert tours, the editors of DimashNews suggest recalling several significant performances of Dimash around the world.

During the period of his creative career, Dimash Qudaibergen gave solo concerts in Moscow, London, New York and many other cities. The Internet space was no exception.

We remember and watch some of the artist’s most memorable musical shows.

Dimash Qudaibergen’s concerts in Moscow

On March 22, 2019, Dimash’s first solo concert “D-Dynasty” took place at the State Kremlin Palace in the Russian capital. Long before the event, it became clear that all tickets were sold out, so it was decided to hold a second performance the next day.

Dimash’s fans from 57 countries came to the Moscow concert. The singer met his fans with the song “Screaming”. The artist also played the dombra and sang several songs in different languages. The audience tried to sing along with him in almost every song.

The second solo performance of the young artist in Moscow took place at the Megasport Sports Palace in 2020. According to Dimash, gathering such a large audience on a music venue with a capacity of 10 thousand people was his cherished dream.

The artist made the audience happy by singing in Kazakh, French, English and Russian. At the second solo concert in Moscow, the songs “S.O.S.”, “Give Me Your Love”, “Screaming”, “Mahabbat ber magan” and many others were performed.

Dears prepared in advance for the concert and learned the lyrics in Kazakh to sing along with the musician. At the end of the concert, inspired fans did not let go of the vocalist and asked him to sing again and again.

Festival in Tokyo

As an invited guest, the singer performed in Tokyo at the ABU Song Festival.

The full version of the show was shown by the “Khabar” TV channel. Dimash sang the famous song by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon “SOS d’un terrien en detresse”.

The presenters of the concert asked the artist several questions, the answers to which were sounded in the Kazakh language.

First European concert

The performance in London was of great importance in Dimash’s career. This was his first solo concert in Western Europe. The concert hall in which the musician performed is called Indigo and can seat about three thousand spectators.

According to the audience, the most loyal fans came to the singer’s London concert – the European debut of their favorite artist attracted Dears from 40 countries of the world.

What did Dimash say about the concert in London?

“The concert itself was on a high level, however, considering that I am a perfectionist, I think that in terms of performance I could have performed even better. At the same time, a cozy, kind and warm atmosphere reigned in the hall.”

As the audience later said, for the first time Dimash was so close to the audience, he openly communicated with the audience during his performance.

Concert in New York

December 10, 2019 will be remembered by both the singer and his many fans. On this day, he and the team worked out a big solo concert in New York. The show took place at the famous Barclays Center. And, as he said later, it was unforgettable.

The concert lasted more than three hours. This time, Dears represented 60 countries and 45 states of America.

7 thousand tickets for Dimash’s performance in New York were sold out a month before the event, about 80% of them were bought by the American audience. The organizers had to add 2 thousand more places so that as many fans as possible could appreciate the work of the Kazakhstani performer.

The Arnau tour ENVOY show was held with the participation of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan and became an important part of the Days of Kazakhstan Culture in the United States.

Throughout his performance, Dimash conveyed the spirit of Kazakh culture in various ways – through voice, scenery and visual effects. In New York, he sang in different languages: Kazakh, Russian, English and Chinese. As the singer’s fans later said, even if they did not fully understand the meaning of the words in some songs, they could feel them with all their soul.

The general enthusiasm of the audience was caused by Dimash’s dombra playing together with other instrumentalists. Earlier, Dimash said that it was his childhood dream to acquaint the world with the culture of his people.

“Today in New York this dream has come true,” said the cherished words of the young artist.

Dimash’s concerts in 2020

On February 16, 2020, Dimash’s large-scale tour of the Arnau Tour 2020 started in Krasnodar. He also performed with this program in Kazan (on February 20), Yekaterinburg (on February 23), in the capital of Latvia Riga (on March 7), in Moscow (on March 9) and Kiev.

The concert of the Kazakh artist in Yekaterinburg took place at the Yekaterinburg-Expo site. In the hall with a capacity of 5 thousand people and once again all the tickets were sold out.

Dimash’s concert in Kiev

Shortly before the start of the global outbreak of coronavirus infection and the widespread lockdown, Dimash Qudaibergen’s concert in Kiev took place on March 11, which, as it later turned out, became his last solo album in 2020.

The artist opened the program with the song “Golden”. In addition, as a sign of respect to the Ukrainian audience, he sang the folk song “Chornobryvtsi”, which the whole audience sang in one voice.

In addition to Dimash’s fans, the singer’s mother Svetlana Aitbaeva was in the hall, who very emotionally followed her son’s performance and could not hold back her tears.

Dimash’s concert in Kiev brought together listeners from different parts of the world again. The audience from 25 countries came to hear and see the performer.

Unfortunately, further performances of Dimash in 2020 in European cities were postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. So, concerts in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Minsk, Stuttgart and Prague had to be canceled.

The head of the DimashAli production center and the singer’s father, Kanat Aitbaev, spoke on Instagram about the situation:

“Dear friends! Dimash Qudaibergen’s concerts within the framework of the world tour “Arnau Tour” have been postponed. Due to measures to prevent coronavirus infection, Dimash’s concerts in Prague, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Minsk have been canceled and will be postponed. The new dates will be announced later, after agreement with the host parties – organizers in the field. We know how highly you value and love Dimash’s work, and how we were looking forward to the concerts. But in this difficult period, we all need to first of all monitor our health and take all the necessary safety measures. We hope that we will see you soon at the concert venues in a great mood. Thank you all so much for your love and support! Take care of yourself!”

The video from Dimash’s performance in Kiev was published on the singer’s YouTube channel on April 26 and became a comforting gift for all those who could not attend his concerts in 2020.

“In this difficult quarantine time for all of us, we really wanted to brighten up your leisure and pastime. Give a great mood and bring a bright smile. We hope you have a great time! “ – Dimash shared on his Instagram.

Dimash’s online concert DIMASH DIGITAL SHOW

Dimash Qudaibergen’s concerts

An unforgettable and long-awaited gift for the global Dears community was the singer’s first online concert in 2021. Beginning January 16, thousands of viewers witnessed a special online show on the US streaming platform

The concert started at 20:00 Nur-Sultan time and was seen in more than a hundred countries. As Tixr staff later commented, DIMASH DIGITAL SHOW viewers set a record for selling tickets for a concert by a foreign artist.

One of the indicators of Dears’ unity was the fact that many of the singer’s fans bought gift bags for those who did not have the opportunity to buy a ticket.

The preparation of the show deserves a separate mention. A large international team worked on it. A great emphasis in scenography was placed on technology.

You can find out how the concept of the project was conceived and implemented and how the visual part of the concert was worked on in the publications of DimashNews.

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