The musical career of the singer from Kazakhstan began in early childhood. During this time he recorded and released a large number of compositions.  True, not all of Dimash’s songs have a music video.

However, of Kudaibergen’s video clips that are available on the Internet can be watched and listened to for hours, and for free.  To facilitate the viewers’ choice, we made a selection in which the songs of Dimash Kudaibergen are heard in different languages ​​- Kazakh, Russian, Chinese and English.

So, let’s start counting: 12 major music videos of the Kazakh singer.


Dimash’s very first official video was released in 2013.  It was a video for the song “Daididau”, a folk song (attributed to the poet Magzhan Zhumabaev) passed down from generation to generation through the lips of skilled singers.

According to listeners, the version of “Daididau” sung by Dimash reflected the unique culture and history of Kazakhstan.

One of the most spectacular performances of “Daididau” was at the first solo concert of Dimash in Nur-Sultan “Bastau”. The video also includes the famous Kazakh kui “Adai”.


Subsequently, in 2014, the singer released a music video for the song “Kurkemim”.  A sensational composition, the music for which was composed by Dimash Kudaibergen himself, was released at the beginning of his career, and won the public’s love a little later.

The author of the lyrics was the singer’s father, Kanat Aitbaev, who also devoted most of his life to music.


Dimash releases his first music video for the English-language song Screaming. The music was written by Muhgal, who had previously worked on material for Shakira, Asher, Ne-Yo and others.

The video quickly became popular, and American MTV even left a comment under the video, writing: “We listen to this song all day on repeat.”  And who, in fact, is not?


In the same year, Dimash recorded another soundtrack, this time to the Chinese musical Three Buddies.

The composer of the musical Sa Dinding chose Dimash among the famous singers who were honored to take part in this sensational project.

The song performed by the Kazakhstani is full of artistry and vocal complexity.  Once again, audiences and professionals alike noted Dimash’s wide range of voice, which he is controls perfectly, and his singing in the upper register.


In 2019, Dimash’s creative activity continued to gain momentum.  And one of his first gifts for his fans was the video for the song “Akkuym”.  It was released exactly on International Women’s Day, March 8.

A touching video series tells about relationships in which two young people inspire each other, create together, and paint a picture with two swans.  But, alas, the relationship ends sadly.

Incidentally, the theme of two gentle birds was perpetuated in the musician’s subsequent work.


In the same year, Dimash presented a music video for the song “Love of Tired Swans”.  This track was the beginning of a cooperation between two major Russian music figures — composer Igor Krutoy and poet Mikhail Gutseriev.

The video was shot in Spain, and was directed by the award-winning Ukrainian filmmaker Alan Badoev.

“The Love of Tired Swans” is presented as a parable that tells about the tender feelings and devotion of lovers to each other.  Many fans have noted the adorable plot and visual components of the video.


Another impressive music video by Dimash Kudaibergen came out in October 2019.  The song “Know” is another composition by Igor Krutoy.  Alan Badoev was again responsible for the visual part.

In the video, the director once again laid down a philosophical subtext, commenting on what is happening on the screen in the following way:

“An endless circle of relations between a MAN and a WOMAN – from birth, love, eating the sinful fruit and self-destruction.  Igor Krutoy and Mikhail Gutseriev laid the idea of ​​an eternal striving for absolute love, and Dimash endowed the souls of two lovers with voices.”

The track starts off calmly, gradually building up in power and becoming more and more emotional.  The video, filmed among the unusual landscapes of Iceland at the Skogafoss waterfall, immerses the viewer in a non-trivial world and allows you to convey the intensity of feelings and emotions inherent in the song.


On March 8, 2020, at the show of the famous Russian fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin at the State Kremlin Palace, the premiere of Dimash Kudaibergen’s new song “Your Love” took place. The music was written by the composer and producer Igor Krutoy, and the words by the world famous singer Lara Fabian.

The singer highly appreciates Dimash’s talent. She specially composed poetry for a new composition for the young performer and invited Igor Krutoy to write music on them.


On March 30 the teaser for Dimash’s song “Golden” was premiered on his official YouTube channel, which is the presentation material of the full-recording of the artist’s concert in Kyiv.

Due to the aggravated situation with coronavirus infection, Dimash put off his concerts as a part of the “Arnau” world tour. In order to somehow brighten up for all of us this difficult quarantine period, it was decided to present a teaser-clip, the frames of which seem to say that, despite the difficult time, Dimash and his dears will always stay together and remain strong.

The teaser collected all the brightest and most colorful moments from the concert. Moreover, the true emotions of the fans with the musical accompaniment, gave an incredible breath taking effect.


2020 turned out to be a rather difficult year for the inhabitants of the whole earth, and with the composition We Are One, Dimash Kudaibergen strove to support people who are fighting at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic.

The music video for the song We Are One was warmly received by people from different countries.  For example, on the Chinese platform Weibo, the number of views exceeded 150 million in the first 48 hours.


This composition became the main soundtrack for the Italian film Creators: The Past.  It is noteworthy that the director of the film, Piergiuseppe Zaya, was also the composer of the song, and in search of an unusual voice made a choice in favor of Dimash, inviting him to perform “Across Endless Dimensions”.

As Zaya said, he was impressed by Dimash’s voice, stressing that the young man “definitely is not from this world,” which was what was needed for his fantasy picture.


This video was Dimash’s first directorial work.  Famous Kazakhstani cameraman Azamat Dulatov became his partner in the production.  And the video also starred kobyz player Olzhas Kurmanbek and Renat Gaisin, composer, arranger and author of music “Kairan Elim”.

Dimash Kudaibergen: 12 Major Music Videos

The video was shot on the Kolsai Lakes, which are called the pearl of the northern Tian Shan.  The dramatic song and video for it once again reminded how important it is to love your homeland and remain strong in spirit.  After all, only together can we overcome any obstacles.